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the immersive party experience

When you want to get the crowds in………

We understand that all Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and Hotels are going to have to be creative when the doors re-open in the near future.

Competition will be fierce to get customers. We would like to help you to get those customers back through YOUR door, and once again recognise that YOUR venue is the one they should be thinking of when it comes to a great night out. Not only that but to keep those customers in the venue, spending money to help replace lost revenue over these past few months.

An Immersive party night can do just that. Together we can help pick a theme that we know will work for your customers. We can explore the best solutions to get YOUR customers back into YOUR venue and help keep them there.

Here’s what we can do together …………..


Interested in an Immersive party night?



The Immersive Experience

Immersive is the new big thing. Done properly, it creates a fantastic atmosphere and involves everyone.

And we always do things properly!

Whatever the theme, we will help create the ultimate in Immersive experience. From the minute your guests walk through the door, they feel the theme. They smell it, touch it, feel it, see it, watch it and get involved in it.

The staff are part of it, the audience are part of it and the entertainers will take it to a level that your guest will love.

We can help you choose your theme to suit your customers. We will help to create that whole experience, and provide the best in Entertainment to enhance it all. You can choose from…………. 


Simply ‘Get in Touch’ and one of our experts will have a chat. No obligation. We all want our industry back on its feet and we are HERE TO HELP.



Make Your Venue…THE VENUE

Why choose us?

Here’s what our customers say….

Working with Timeless Entertainment Productions was an absolute dream. After organising a mammoth last minute run of eight events in Newcastle over the Christmas period remotely from London; Marie, Colin, Ellie, and Sonya worked tirelessly to ensure that they provided the best service possible.

Every showgirl they provided was extremely professional, well mannered, and wonderful with the guests at each event. Marie’s team providing support each night was priceless and the team were prompt and ready for each live set despite the short quick-change breaks.

All the showgirls and support team were on-site early and stayed late with no complaints. They were very open and receptive to feedback and this made the whole process so much easier during such a busy peak events period. Timeless Entertainment Productions pride themselves on their stunning and very high-quality costumes and were very accommodating in meeting the client’s needs with multiple costume options each night.

I could not recommend the Timeless Team more as they are a pleasure to work with and go above and beyond to make their clients happy.