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Inspiring, innovative and exciting. We are one of THE UK’S LEADING THEATRE, STAGE AND INTERNATIONAL VENUE PRODUCERS, creating  The Ultimate Entertainment Experience.

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Why Choose Us?


Bespoke Production 



Our experienced and talented in-house production team at Timeless Entertainment provide innovative show concepts, taking your ideas to the next level of professionalism.

We have a reputation worldwide for delivering the “Ultimate Entertainment Experience” . We offer you a professional, efficient and friendly approach together with attention to detail and time management that offers a service as being quoted as “second to none”.

Our emphasis on quality and  high standards encourages both client and customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Creative Team

Our talented team of creatives will write, direct, stage and fully choreograph each production and entertainment package to your specific needs, exceeding your expectations.

Their focus is on YOU the client and  on bringing your ideas and dreams to life!

Our team is here to help you create those memorable experiences you wish for your audiences and guests to experience.

It’s all in our name TIMELESS – ‘ETERNAL  and EVERLASTING’ in the memories of those who see our productions.


Costume Design



In-house designers will create stunning exclusive tailored costumes which will complement and enhance any individual production, performance. or event.

From your illustration to concept creation, our skilled designers and costume makers will ensure your vision is brought to life.

In addition to our design services, we offer a catalogue of pre-designed costumes from which you can choose.

Working collaboratively, we will ensure  an overall vision is delivered and enable  performers  to feel good and look sensational.

Exceptional quality guaranteed!

Technical Team

Timeless Entertainment “in house” lighting, stage and sound technicians are an integral part of every  production we deliver.

Their atmospheric innovative technology creates the ambience needed for any presentation.

Combined with professionalism, team work and precision will ensure a “smooth flowing” production.

Stage Design

Our prop and set design team help to ‘create the scene’ and complete “the picture” for any show.

Combined with photography, video and graphic designers they create unique and exclusive marketing material suitable for any production or event.


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