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Inspiring, innovative and exciting. We are one of THE UK’S LEADING THEATRE, STAGE AND INTERNATIONAL VENUE PRODUCERS, creating  The Ultimate Entertainment Experience.

Events and Entertainment Packages

Professional event and entertainment packages.
Stunning costumes, creative choreography and world class performers


To Timeless Entertainment

Our talented team create high quality BESPOKE SHOWS  and ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMMES designed specifically to engage with your target audience.

With an array of existing PRODUCTIONS and ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMMES proven to attract audiences within the Theatre, Cruise, Corporate and Leisure Industries.  the choice is yours.

Our in-house creative team have over 20 years experience delivering productions and entertainment experiences globally, so you are in good hands!

Recognised worldwide for quality and exceptional attention to detail,
we will work with you to create the “ULTIMATE ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE” for your audiences and guests.


You will be GUARANTEED a smooth running operation with a passionate, committed team, who not only have the CREATIVE TALENT but most  importantly, the EXPERIENCE to bring YOUR VISION and YOUR IDEAS to life.

Sector Knowledge

Benefit from our vast knowledge of multiple industry sectors which enable us to deliver ENGAGING, HIGH QUALITY and STUNNING ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMMES for your audiences and your guests whether it be on LAND or SEA.



We are proud of the relationships we have built with our clients and venues over the past 20 years and our reputation of being FORWARD THINKING, PASSIONATE, FRIENDLY AND PROFESSIONAL.



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For enquiries in India, United Arab Emirates and Africa, we are proud to partner with Neil Ribeiro International Events Concepts.

It's Timeless Christmas Time!

Welcome to the countdown to Christmas 2023 with our annual Advent Calendar. We have prizes to win, loads of fun trivia questions and surprises along the way. Merry Christmas from all of us at Timeless Entertainment.

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